Studio Policy


Lessons fee is due by the first lesson of each month.  Lessons cannot be given if payment isn't received.  If there is a hardship, please email or text me at least 24 hours in advance of the first monthly lesson.  Regardless of the issue, please email or text if you cannot make your lesson.


Time reserved for lessons can't be reused.  As a result, non-attendance for whatever reason (without notifying me at least 24 hours in advance) will result in the lessons fee being charged.  However, notifying me at least 24 hours in advance of an absence will credit the lesson forward.  As a student, if I had adjusted my day's schedule for a particular lesson time, I wouldn't appreciate my teacher calling me an hour beforehand to move it around -- 24 hours helps us all!


--From me:  I will always be positive, on time, and will devote my whole attention to you for the entire lesson time.  I will research new techniques and tools to best help you.  I will communicate quickly.  I will do everything I can at any time to help you grow as a musician.  I will be available ASAP throughout the other 167 hours of the week to help you if you're stuck.
--From you: Please be prepared, on time, distraction-free, and as rested and ready as you can be.  Remain up-to-date on payments, and please purchase requested materials in a timely manner.  I work hard to not overload you with assignments or materials needed, so please achieve these as quickly as you can.


As always, email or text me any time with any questions.  I will answer them as quickly as I possibly can.